środa, 20 stycznia 2021

RPG Update (18)

Well, well... Since my last post I just run one session and played in another. Is it too much? Or maybe not enough? Cannot tell. You have to decide.

We ended the Venice chapter of the Horror on the Orient Express and we are moving into Trieste. So after two other attempts (one of them in the last century!) we fight the Milan curse and moved on! Cannot wait for the next chapter in this great game. I'm planning on introducing a new player with his new secret scheme. It will be fun! Especially I found this page on which there are many cool Orient Express handouts! Those maps! THOSE MAPS! Here is a sample:

Cars of the Orient Express from their page

The second game I've played since my last post was the 18th and as it turned out the ending chapter in my Alone Against the Dark mini-campaign. My fourth character - Devin Wilson went with the expedition (I will not spoil it for You wich one) and died with them, the evil unleashed upon the world. I know that in the future I will come back to this book and I will play it once again! I will not be defeated by this book! Cannot wait for other such adventures will be available in FLGS. I've started playing in 2019, so this is one hell of a campaign for me. It was nice 7,5 spread upon an 18 session, as I wrote earlier. Till the end, I didn't know what will be the end result of this game. I should have known after losing 3 other PCs that it will not be a happy ending... Oh well. Till next time!

English cover

Polish cover

niedziela, 10 stycznia 2021

RPG Update (17)

In contrast to my plans, the last session of Cyberpunk - Bielitz 2020 story arc was played in the first week of 2021. Only two players could make it, but there were those who play in most of the games, so they knew the whole story. The overall story arc about a new criminal group trying to take over the low city end with spree of violence and revelation that behind all of this mayhem was rouge A.I. It was a reference to one of our all-time favorite adventures. We wrote it together with my wife and run it both for two groups of two players for the first half of the game, and then join the forces of all the players. To this very day, everyone involved in this game remembers it as the best cyberpunk experience ever. 19 sessions with one story arc. More than 22 hours of gameplay. It was a good run. I'm a little tired of CP for now, but in the next couple of months, there will be the premiere of Cyberpunk Red in Poland. I will definitely buy it. Then I will decide when and how we return to this little part of our world. But for now, I say so long choomba!

poniedziałek, 4 stycznia 2021

Solo Play (1)

The last three days I spend playing in One Page Cthulhu - a solo RPG You can buy for PWYW on DriveThru. (PWYW are separate adventures the whole book is for 0.99) This is one of my new forays into a new brand of roleplaying. For some time I already play in Alone Against The Dark from Chaosium, but I've taken hiatus from that game almost a year ago. Now I decided to try something different. Already played in the first mission three times. Love every one of them. Tonight I will play in second for the first time. I decided I want to try more diverse things, so this is my first attempt at this. I've created my first PC - Steven Harding a hardboiled P.I. My first mission for Dr. Herbert West was a success. Cannot wait to find out more about another set of subterranean tunnels somewhere in the vicinity of Arkham.

sobota, 2 stycznia 2021

Summary of 2020

So... That strange year has ended. That is good news. Another is that I ended it with 102 sessions under my belt. This is something I never thought I achieve. During last year I played in Cyberpunk 2020 mostly (7 months out of 12), Delta Green (2 months), and Call of Cthulhu (3 months). This is a quick summary of my games. I'm not counting boardgames and cardgames. What's next? Next year it will be a great unknown! In the future face to face games with real people will be less frequent than it was till the start of the pandemic. So we will more heavily play online. But from time to time I hope we will meet in real life around the table. First three months of the new year we will be jumping from system to system, from world to world, just for the fun of it. Then what? I do not know, but it doesn't concern me. We will see! I'm hoping that Horror on the Orient Express will be chugging along the rails further. Maybe I will run Immposible Landscapes? Maybe campaign for another system? Just my musing about 2021...

piątek, 25 grudnia 2020

Library Update (6) - Christmas Haul

In Poland, we have Christmas Eve, when we sit with our families eating sumptuous supper and find presents under the Christmas tree. This is a magical time for all of us and in the light of the whole year 2020, it is something calming, that we can meet with our family around the table in good health. This is a privilege which not everybody has. So we gather and celebrate and thanks for that. After that time there is a moment for presents. This year I found many things that make me smile on my face. 

Cthulhu Gloom! At last!

Nightmare Tales from H.P. Blavatsky

The Comming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Songs of a Dead Dreamer by Thomas Ligotti 

...and 10 adventures for one Keeper and one Player for Call of Cthulhu!

I must say I've got one problem. Big problem. I do not know what to start reading first. And this is a problem I can live with! Hope You only have such problems!

Marry Christmas Everyone!

wtorek, 22 grudnia 2020

Library Update (5)

 So last time I wrote the library update world was saner than now. Since the last update I received and bought many books, maybe I will cover them in the next instalment of the library update, for now, I would like to show You something special. I found it today in my mailbox. 

Another Blasphemous Tome from Good Friends of Jackson Elias! What a wonderful reading ahead of me! 

niedziela, 20 grudnia 2020

RPG Update (16)

Well, well, well... For the first time ever, my session counter is showing me 100 sessions since the start of this year. This is the first time in my gaming history, that I achieve such a big number. I've got big plans for this year. First I wanted to play in Cyberpunk 2020 for the whole year, but the first lockdown created a vacuum I filled with the session so after the first 4 months of this year I've got enough. For the next two months, I run a couple of Delta Green adventures and played in some, then I've got three beautiful months with Call of Cthulhu in a 1920s setting before I and my group went back to Cyberpunk 2020 again to celebrate this very special for this game year. I've also started playing in some solo RPG that I counted also for this matter, some Viewscream and some Dungeon and Dragons. I've also started the elephant in the room - Horror on the Orient Express. So the year isn't over yet, I've got 100 sessions under my belt and I know it will take another world-spanning disaster to recreate that number. Or maybe not? Don't get me wrong, I hate what happened, not happy about it. But it changes so many things in Our lives. Maybe it changes our hobby also? Maybe online RPGs are the future from now on? It is a more convenient way of playing for some people. I miss the meatspace games, the face to face roleplaying. But for now, we cannot do this. So we play online. For the foreseen future. 100! Wow! One friggin hundred sessions! Maybe for some of You, this is nothing unusual, but for me, this is an achievement, that I never thought I achieve. That's it for now. I'm now prepping the Venezia chapter of Horror on The Orient Express. The in the coming weeks of 2020 I will end my story arc of Cyberpunk - Bielitz City 2020 and then... We will see! Stay strong! Stay safe!