niedziela, 20 maja 2018

Doors To Darkness (1)

After a long break, we decided to come back to our first love. Call of Cthulhu RPG. I choose the first scenario in this beautiful book. Doors to darkness for us opened Christopher Smith Adair with his Darkness Beneath the Hill. From first glance, it was a quick little adventure. not so hard, no so deadly. How I was mistaken! One of the monsters almost slain my two players with two hits! Then, only thanks to luck and good throws they escape with a friend from dangerous catacombs. The big bad of this adventure escape, but he will return in another episode. We use the pregen characters of Melissa and Jacob from the book. Both are very good balanced, between fighting skills and doing stuff. We think that this characters will return in another instalment, another adventure. Maybe even they open another Doors To Darkness!

This are handouts and character sheets from our game. Beneath You got close-ups:

Thank You Mister Ch.S.Adair for truly horrific (enjoyable!) experience!

poniedziałek, 2 kwietnia 2018

That situation

What do You think - It is better to see Your enemy or make blind shoots into the oily, whispering shadows? And when You finally lost a gun, and run as fast You can, screaming and stumble over rocks, do You make a quick look over Your shoulder right into the noiseless darkness? And the last thing You hear is the weak squeak of some kind of small animal in trouble when a predator immerses his claws into a tiny body. And You find out, that was You squeak...


And more... tentacles

This time a small box for my dices:

A brand new chest

I just wanted from my husband to give me for a present something that a woman could consider to be awesome - You know - a jewelry, new clothes, cosmetics... But as always I received something "unexpected and useful" - that`s what my husband told, when he gave me a wood burner... Yeah! Now I can make as many chests, as I want!  I`m so happy right now! 

niedziela, 11 marca 2018

Library update (3)

Thanks to my Friend and correspondent unending efforts I've received another beautiful and heave book. For some time I thought about buying it, but other titles were more available for me. But since this package came, now I can scratch it from my list. Behold the Dawnward Spire, Lonely Hill!

 This book is available in its 800 pages glory from publishers website:

niedziela, 25 lutego 2018

Library update (2)

After a couple of days, I've received another three books from Black Wings of Cthulhu Series.
Behold part two, four and five:

Now I must wait only for missing part three!

piątek, 12 stycznia 2018

Library update

During holiday season last year friends and family made me a couple of nice gifts. Below are books that they give me. Cannot wait to read them all. Anything in particular is worth to read earlier? Any suggestions?