niedziela, 16 lutego 2020

Second DG scenario

Almost two weeks later I and my one player meet up in a network environment to play another game of conspiracy and horror. The first adventure that come to my mind was, of course, Last Things Last from Need To Know book.

So with little preparation (I've run this scenario before...), we dive into things Clyde Baughman left behind...

This was a fun, quick game that we much enjoy. Not giving any spoilers but it was so close to loose PC this time, that next time I need to decrease the level of danger next time I'm going to run this game for another player. Those who played this scenario know what I'm talking about...

 My player is waiting for another adventure. Maybe something from Ross Payton's imagination this time?

If someone wants to know about that scenario here You got some resources (there might be spoilers!):

RPPR Last Things Last Actual Play

Seth's Review

Into the darkness Last Things Last Actual Play

poniedziałek, 10 lutego 2020

Library update (4)

I've decided to wait with this blog post until today, because of one letter from my dear Friend. I've received it today, so now I can show You my latest library update (it is a shame, that I discontinued this since March 2018!).
This is a compilation of my latest books, that I've received thanks to the generosity of my fellow Cthulhu Mythos Scholar and my own purchases.
The first two can be a little bit deceiving for somebody who do not speak Polish. The first book is Frozen Hell, by John W. Cambell and the second is THe Mind Parasites, by Colin Wilson and with no further ado and with no particular order... 

czwartek, 30 stycznia 2020

DG One-Shot

Last week I've show You an idea about little adventure for maybe one player, which I take from the Reanimatrix book by Peter Rawlik. Also last week I've run this little adventure for one player. First of all, it was a nice hour of play, second of it was a nice entry point for DG character and his first contact with Unnatural. It would be nice to have more these little adventures for one player, before the starting of an actual game, but after session zero and generating characters (if of course gaming group have time), it could be cool to run a one-shot for each player with different backgrounds. Something little, like one hour max and at the start of session one, they can talk with each other about their experiences.
The second DG thing that happened lately was a gift from one of my players. He gives me a playmat for our real-time Delta Green Games.

This is, of course, one-time gift (or if they get enough orders?), but if You want some good quality military/cosplay/reconstructing group stuff - definitely check theirs web site out!

wtorek, 21 stycznia 2020

One nasty little one-shot!

As I decide to create one blog post every week this year, I'm fulfilling my duty. For the last week or so I delve in Peters Rawlik's book. Starting with Reanimator, then I move to Weird Company and then to Reanimatrix. Chapter 2 of this book is not just interesting reading, but it is a one-shot for one player just ready to be played. If someone wants to run a little game with The King In Yellow, just read it and You are ready to go! It also will be easy to adapt it to Delta Green.

środa, 15 stycznia 2020


Thanks to my Friend, I've got a chance to read the first three books from Peter Rawlik. For now, I just ended the first one and it is a very entertaining book. I hope the second and the third will be just as the first one. And maybe it will give me some ideas for gaming? Maybe a player organization or a new nemesis for players? Don't know yet. For now, I will listen to Graham Plowman's music during reading. Good times... I mean terrible! Terrible!

środa, 8 stycznia 2020

Ah! The New Year!

It is nice to start a new year with a little gift at your doorstep. For me, it was The Blasphemous Tome Issue 5 by no other than Good Friends of Jackson Elias!
Thank You, Gentlemen, for this little gem!

poniedziałek, 9 grudnia 2019

Pulp Egypt (4)

So after all this preparation, I've run a string of very enjoyable adventures which create a loose campaign. My wife's PC meet some interesting NPC, fought with nazis and other scums, find tombs, meet ancient mummies and other strange beings. All in all, it was a very well spent time. I cannot highly recommend Pulp Egypt setting!

Here You have a mashup of all materials used in the Pulp Egypt campaign (except Radio News of course!). But it was time for Mike to leave Cairo and Egypt, but he didn't go to NYC straight away. Another soldier from under the sphinx situation during Masks of Nyarlathotep was needing help in Kirkuk, Iraq, but this will be a story for another day...