poniedziałek, 2 kwietnia 2018

That situation

What do You think - It is better to see Your enemy or make blind shoots into the oily, whispering shadows? And when You finally lost a gun, and run as fast You can, screaming and stumble over rocks, do You make a quick look over Your shoulder right into the noiseless darkness? And the last thing You hear is the weak squeak of some kind of small animal in trouble when a predator immerses his claws into a tiny body. And You find out, that was You squeak...


And more... tentacles

This time a small box for my dices:

A brand new chest

I just wanted from my husband to give me for a present something that a woman could consider to be awesome - You know - a jewelry, new clothes, cosmetics... But as always I received something "unexpected and useful" - that`s what my husband told, when he gave me a wood burner... Yeah! Now I can make as many chests, as I want!  I`m so happy right now! 

niedziela, 11 marca 2018

Library update (3)

Thanks to my Friend and correspondent unending efforts I've received another beautiful and heave book. For some time I thought about buying it, but other titles were more available for me. But since this package came, now I can scratch it from my list. Behold the Dawnward Spire, Lonely Hill!

 This book is available in its 800 pages glory from publishers website:

niedziela, 25 lutego 2018

Library update (2)

After a couple of days, I've received another three books from Black Wings of Cthulhu Series.
Behold part two, four and five:

Now I must wait only for missing part three!

piątek, 12 stycznia 2018

Library update

During holiday season last year friends and family made me a couple of nice gifts. Below are books that they give me. Cannot wait to read them all. Anything in particular is worth to read earlier? Any suggestions?

poniedziałek, 8 stycznia 2018

MoN - day (15)

For the last time...
As always spoilers below...

22.11.2017 - Mike is on the 12 day cruse from Mombasa to Shanghai. Lots of recovering, especially health.

26.11.2017 - First steps in Shanghai.Questions about boat from photograph found in Elias apartment. Visit to Drunken Tiger and spying on Ho-Fongs warehouse.

01.12.2017 - Honest talk with Chum and meeting up with Isoge Taro (undercover). Fight with back alley.
10.12.2017 - Meet up with Lin Tang-Ju. Interesting talk and continuing search for Jack Brady.
17.12.2017 - If You want to find someone, with good attitude You will find. So Brady is at last found. Many questions are answered during this meeting. Blasphemous Tome comes back to his owner but it is good transaction. Crazy Lin Tang-Ju decides to help Mike with attack on Grey Dragon Island. New China communist also, so there we have Mike with Jack, two gorillas and bunch of commies. True Pulp Style!
25.12.2017  - Attack on Grey Dragon Island. Thompson, shoggots, deep ones, gorillas and everything in between is going to clash in truly epic style! There are no word for this last showdown with Nyarlathotep cultist. The rocket is destroyed, many artifacts are retrieved and place is sealed by Eye of Light and Darkness.
26.12.2017 - Nigel Wassif comes with British Navy to help with battle, but they are to late. Everybody came back to Shanghai. Lin Tang-Ju forgive Brady stealing the book. Mike decides to depart with his money and last sanity intact. Long way home. 
31.12.2017 - In New York Mike meets up with Kensington and talks about future book, that they want to write about all this mess. Somebody interrupts this nice dinner. Man from Bradley Grey - who give Mike a request on the very start of this story. Last showdown with Bradley Grey ends this story with our hero standing in lawyer office after battle with him and his hired guns. The Police is coming very quickly.

What a ride! 22 hours of play. 30 sessions of moderate length. The story, the mood, the pacing, everything is very nicely done. Even when my wife bypass Australian chapter, the story still hold strong. Pulp system is very, very good. Just what I dream of for so many years since first previews of this book. Cannot wait to see what changes has been made with new edition! And last but not least: Thank You everyone for reading this scribble!