czwartek, 2 lutego 2017

Pulp Cthulhu!

At last! After 17 years of waiting Pulp Cthulhu land in our tentacles! Can wait to dive in this book! If I remember correctly I ask questions about that particular book on nearly twelve years ago. So we wait long, we wait patiently, but now is time to pulpify our Cthulhu experience! 
When will be Two Headed Serpent available? Because the four scenarios in main book wont last for long... 
Last but not least! Big thanks for everyone who make it happened! 

This was what I was waiting for all these years:

Ant this is what I receive:

poniedziałek, 19 grudnia 2016

Xothic Legend Cycle

Ah! The joy of receiving another book! This time postman gave us little something with Xothic Legend Cycle. We never read anything from this author (Lin Carter). Any thoughts?

Tides of Cthulhu Times!

Yesterday I went to our FLGS and bought early present for Christmas, for my beloved wife. I choose Tides of Time but with Cthulhu twist! We play yesterday one game and it was very interesting. This is our first game, based on draft, so we have to learn a little bit. But rules are simple and game is so much fun! Anybody else play in this game?

niedziela, 18 grudnia 2016

Mysteries of the Worm...

Another package came to us last week. This time it was Mysteries of the Worm, by Robert Bloch!
I'm waiting to sink in to this book!

wtorek, 29 listopada 2016

niedziela, 20 listopada 2016

From our imagination to the reality


If You are so desperate to give your child something to do as I was, I`ve got a great idea.
This figurines I`ve made from salt dough and paint them. This was a really good afternoon for us.

Recipe for salt dough:
1 glass of flour, 1 glass of salt, 1/2 glass of water and 1/2 glass of potato flour. Mixed it, and you ready to have fun. After You made Yours figurines, bake them till they dry in the oven at 80-100 degrees Celsius.