czwartek, 18 czerwca 2020

RPG Update (5)

I cannot tell when all this time went. Almost two weeks since my last post! Strange. where did this time go? Not all this time was lost. We played in four sessions. Two last week and two yesterday and day before that. What we played in? Delta Green.
First, my wife runs adventure in Montana with hotel in middle of nowhere and group of archeologists. They stumbled on something they shouldn't. The enemy was something a long time buried and recently discovered. And the sound that it created... This scary sounds...
Then I run for one player on the first session Lost Equation. This all-time favorite is solid and fun. I've run it in the mindset of police procedural, so it was a slow-burner.
Another session run by my wife was a little gem of adventure circling around Jackson Pollock painting:
Number 1A

It nearly crippled three agents, burn down motel, and end in a shootout, but it was very fun.
Lastly, I continued Last Equation but this time another agent join the Opera. I cannot wait for what will happen next week!

P.S. I'm still creating handouts for Heroes of Rura-Tonga, but it comes very slowly. I hope it will be worth the work and wait.

piątek, 29 maja 2020

RPG Update (4)

Today we celebrate releasing of new RPG game from Cthulhu Reborn! This time it is an apocalyptic version of Cthulhu! I've already buy quickstart rules and started to read them. Cheers to mister Engelhardt!

It is based on a Misery Engine from folks at Arc Dream and their Delta Green books. So it is right in my alley - yesterday I've played in Bestow from Ross Payton and day before yesterday I've run Controlcopy from Dennis Detwiller.  Because this is a new run for my players I've created new intro for our games. Using some free backgrounds from roll20 and music from Kevin Macleod, I've asked my players to send me photos of their agents. This is what came from this stuff. Enjoy!

środa, 27 maja 2020

RPG Update (3)

Everyone who plays RPG games at one point or another of his/her life tries to create their own mechanic/game system. I'm not different in that way. Once a year or even less I open a folder with my house rules and starting modding them and changing. My mechanics are called Nicety RPG. It is rules light, very light and I'm using it for a one-shot here and there. In our last communication with one of my first game buddies, we start tinkering about Noir game. Something not connected with Cthulhu Mythos or Pulp Ethos just straight Noir drama. After watching classics like Big Sleep and Maltese Falcon and digging up my own book about a hard-boiled detective - Dan Chandler, I've decided to make another iteration of my game engine. With one eye on Dirty World by Greg Stoltze and other on the quick and fast learning curve of my engine, I created a one-page system called P.I. RPG.
We will see next weekend how it works with first (and I think only one) playtest. Maybe I will use an adventure generator at the end of Dirty World book or come up with something solely mine, but it will be fun little sidestep from my typical gaming.

Here You got my character sheets.

And here is Dan Chandler in all his drunken glory...

P.S. Next week I will show You my new Heroes of Rura-Tonga developments.

środa, 20 maja 2020

RPG Update (2)

After almost 4 months of playing almost exclusively Cyberpunk 2020 in our own setting, we felt a little tired. Maybe because PC became so powerful, maybe because for the last two and a half months I run 2 adventures per week. Creating new and exciting scenarios in such a time slot is not possible for extended periods of time. So I've decided to change the system and setting to more gritty and realistic. After the fun and lighthearted Cyberpunk, my vector was one - Delta Green. So yesterday I run my first session in maybe year or so of that game. My players are a mixed bag of old-time players of conspiracy games and newcomers, so I have to choose adventures wisely. I've always liked the ones write by Ross Payton of RPPR fame, so I decided to run his super shotgun scenario Under New Management. The game was fun but nervous for my players. This is a good scenario for starting characters. I highly recommending it!

wtorek, 12 maja 2020

Heroes of Rura-Tonga (6)

Last week we were changing flats. So there was pure chaos for more than a week. To this day I cannot find some stuff. But the Rura-Tonga box is safe and sound. With not much time on my hand, I decided to create something little but fun and useful. Let me say some backstory for this particular piece of handouts.
During our very first Pulp Egypt game sole PC in the mids of battle with two alive statues, reminded himself that he knows two spells. One simple Voor Sign, but the other named Create the Barrier of Naach-Tith was a powerful defensive spell, that saved him and others around him, many times. This was one of the things that Mike learned while fighting with minions of Nyarlathotep. I've run Masks with Pulp Cthulhu mechanics so I decided that PC can and will probably learn some spells. So in that first tomb, we stop the action and started looking for these two spells in The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic and in Call of Cthulhu Rulebook and in my old edition of Masks of Nyarlathotep. So this time I said nevermore! I took the spells from the book and printed them o one side and on the other, I created a quasi-old page that can contain the text of the spell. So it will be in possession of my wife's character. Every time she will use one of them, she just takes it and read it. Consequently, with other spells I will do the same. A simple method for not leaf through rulebooks during a game. How do You like it?

Frontpage with quasi original pictograms.

Second page with the real mechanics of things.

niedziela, 26 kwietnia 2020

RPG Update (1)

So... This week was most entertaining since this all started. We played in two sessions of Cyberpunk 2020, one session of Viescream RPG, and one session of classic Call of Cthulhu. I might say, that first time in a long, long time I'm pleased with such wealth and tempo of games. but for the sake of quality and fun in them, I will limit them to just two, max three in one week. Another way is that someone will take a Keeper/Referee mantle for one session from me. But for the next couple of days, I will rest and plot other adventures in our imaginary worlds.

niedziela, 19 kwietnia 2020

Heroes of Rura-Tonga (5)

After last week's big maps insanity, this time using so much free time (for making old paper), little MSPaint foo I created the little maps. Those of interior places from adventures. With these maps I only changed names from English to Polish for ease of reference. I must say before I show You anything (I didn't do this last time - sorry) - this maps may contain spoilers, so if You know, that You will play in one of the scenarios from Rura-Tonga line, do not look at them, because they can tell some adventure hints.

For all the others interesting in my little handicraft:

Here is all the content I create for this campaign (for now)