piątek, 12 stycznia 2018

Library update

During holiday season last year friends and family made me a couple of nice gifts. Below are books that they give me. Cannot wait to read them all. Anything in particular is worth to read earlier? Any suggestions?

poniedziałek, 8 stycznia 2018

MoN - day (15)

For the last time...
As always spoilers below...

22.11.2017 - Mike is on the 12 day cruse from Mombasa to Shanghai. Lots of recovering, especially health.

26.11.2017 - First steps in Shanghai.Questions about boat from photograph found in Elias apartment. Visit to Drunken Tiger and spying on Ho-Fongs warehouse.

01.12.2017 - Honest talk with Chum and meeting up with Isoge Taro (undercover). Fight with back alley.
10.12.2017 - Meet up with Lin Tang-Ju. Interesting talk and continuing search for Jack Brady.
17.12.2017 - If You want to find someone, with good attitude You will find. So Brady is at last found. Many questions are answered during this meeting. Blasphemous Tome comes back to his owner but it is good transaction. Crazy Lin Tang-Ju decides to help Mike with attack on Grey Dragon Island. New China communist also, so there we have Mike with Jack, two gorillas and bunch of commies. True Pulp Style!
25.12.2017  - Attack on Grey Dragon Island. Thompson, shoggots, deep ones, gorillas and everything in between is going to clash in truly epic style! There are no word for this last showdown with Nyarlathotep cultist. The rocket is destroyed, many artifacts are retrieved and place is sealed by Eye of Light and Darkness.
26.12.2017 - Nigel Wassif comes with British Navy to help with battle, but they are to late. Everybody came back to Shanghai. Lin Tang-Ju forgive Brady stealing the book. Mike decides to depart with his money and last sanity intact. Long way home. 
31.12.2017 - In New York Mike meets up with Kensington and talks about future book, that they want to write about all this mess. Somebody interrupts this nice dinner. Man from Bradley Grey - who give Mike a request on the very start of this story. Last showdown with Bradley Grey ends this story with our hero standing in lawyer office after battle with him and his hired guns. The Police is coming very quickly.

What a ride! 22 hours of play. 30 sessions of moderate length. The story, the mood, the pacing, everything is very nicely done. Even when my wife bypass Australian chapter, the story still hold strong. Pulp system is very, very good. Just what I dream of for so many years since first previews of this book. Cannot wait to see what changes has been made with new edition! And last but not least: Thank You everyone for reading this scribble!

poniedziałek, 1 stycznia 2018

Alone against flames...

What a way to start a New Year!
Just yesterday we wrap up Our Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign. So I decide to try something new. I wonder how it will be?

Happy 2018!

We wish You happy 2018!

P.S. MoN - day will return next week for its final chapter! Till then!

poniedziałek, 25 grudnia 2017

MoN - day (14)

As always spoilers below...

25.10.2017 - After coming to Nairobi, Mike with one of his companions eats dinner in hotel restaurant, then went to Nairobi Star publishing house. Another information's are gathered during talk with miss Smythe-Forbes. Thandoor Sigh attacks again, but this time Mike is seeing him. So both heroes went to attacker house and burn this place to the ground.

31.10.2017 - Day after above events, Mike meets with doctor Starret,  Montogomery and Bumpington. The day is ending with meeting Nelson and obtaining information that Jack "Brass" Brady is still alive! After this, they decide firstly to went in couple of days inland, see the place of massacre of Carlyle Expedition and the Mountain of the Black Wind.

11.11.2017 - Another day starts with breakfast with Croydon, then meeting Kenyatta. From there on it is only  road to village and another meeting, this time with Okum and old Bundari. M'weru is the most interesting topic in whole conversation. Then they go back to Nairobi, to plan another step.

19.11.2017 - After taking with them Kenyatta, Nelson, Okum and Bundari (with gifts from him!), they went to Mountain of the Black Wind, where strange and blasphemous rites are being celebrated. The son of Nyarlathotep is born. Great scene with lots of sanity loss, but Mike shoots M'weru, create a chaos in Nyarlathotep temple, then escapes. This is Pyrrus victory. His last friend is insane and need to be send out to NY, Okum is dead and Kenyatta is shaken. The Black Wind was release on African continent. Journey back to home is long and dangerous...

As always in first days in new place, hero is gathering information, building momentum for the last act. End event is even bigger then under the pyramids, more dangerous, but with help of Bundari, pulp rules and lot of burning luck is doable for one player. Till next time...

sobota, 23 grudnia 2017

Dice Madness!

Breaking up from Masks routine, today we have something special. It`s a presentation of  Q-Workshop`s Metal Cthulhu dices kickstarter campaign. Finally, we received them yesterday, so we decided this time to make unboxing video and take some photos, so everyone could see this amazing stuff. Well, We thing, that Q-workshop done a good job. With no further ado:

Azathoth Dices

Nyarlathotep Dices

Cthulhu Dices

Hastur Dices

And Behold! Call of Cthulhu Metal Dices!

And Our little Unboxing Video!

For Metal dices we need to buy special playmats. 
Because throwing them on table would scratch the surface. Believe us. 
They are shown on video.

poniedziałek, 18 grudnia 2017

MoN - day (13)

As always spoilers below...

08.10.2017 - Mike takes off from Port Said to Mombasa. He have time to recover his sanity and health during journey. In Mombasa he burns down the Sigh storage room. He knew he is being watched.

15.10.2017 - Mike goes to Nairobi. On the train he is attacked by two Fire Vampires. He sees who is commanding them. So he knew that he will be haunted in Nairobi.

After the events in Cairo, journey by sea is relaxing and nice. Mike restores some sanity, works his swimming skill. Then in Mombasa he is only 24 hours and went to Nairobi. So this part is rather slow burn and it helps in showing change of scenery and mentality in surrounding world. Nice change of pace. Till next time...