niedziela, 23 października 2016

Hot tentacles for winter, You know, is coming...

My husband has a tentacles issue, so he made me to do the scarf for him in "Cthulhu styles". It takes a lot of my priceless time, so I curse him for that (not only in the Cthulhu dice game). After I finished his scarf, I`ve decided to make another thing, this time only for me. Now we are ready for dark, cold times or whatever is coming...


sobota, 22 października 2016

Karta Postaci do Zewu Cthulhu edycji 7!

Na blogu można znaleźć między innymi ciekawymi materiałami, przetłumaczoną na nasz rodzimy język kartę postaci!
Z podziękowaniami dla wszystkich, którzy byli w ten mały projekt zaangażowani!

On You can find among other interesting things, fully translated Polish character sheet for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition!

With thanks to Badger Mcinnes, Dean Engelhardt, Mike Mason and Chaosium!


sobota, 15 października 2016

What to do with tokens in tabletop games?

We like to play tabletop games. We even have couple of them and from time to time we enjoy them. But one thing in games is problematic. What to do with miriad tokens? For one game - FFG Elder Sign - we come with nice solution. Using only glue and balsa wood and of course imagination, we create this! For every token i base game, there is little chest. My wife painted each of them with easy to recognize sign.




Elder Sign


niedziela, 9 października 2016