niedziela, 13 sierpnia 2017

Shoggoth's box!

After I bought Keepers Decks for Call of Cthulhu RPG, my wife decide to create me something to stash them in. Then she ask me: Would You dare to take them out?

Inspiration comes from:

wtorek, 11 lipca 2017

Polish Character Sheet/ Polska karta postaci

After talks with Chaosium and after another nice work with Dean from  , at last it is happening!
Polish Pulp Cthulhu Character Sheet!
It is time, to reanimate this blog!
There is no better way!

Po przeprowadzonych rozmowach z Chaosium i kolejnej niezwykle miłej współpracy z Deanem z  , wreszcie stało się!
Polska karta postaci do Pulp Cthulhu!
Czas wreszcie reanimować ten blog!
Nie ma chyba lepszego sposobu!

czwartek, 2 lutego 2017

Pulp Cthulhu!

At last! After 17 years of waiting Pulp Cthulhu land in our tentacles! Can wait to dive in this book! If I remember correctly I ask questions about that particular book on nearly twelve years ago. So we wait long, we wait patiently, but now is time to pulpify our Cthulhu experience! 
When will be Two Headed Serpent available? Because the four scenarios in main book wont last for long... 
Last but not least! Big thanks for everyone who make it happened! 

This was what I was waiting for all these years:

Ant this is what I receive: