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MoN - day (14)

As always spoilers below...

25.10.2017 - After coming to Nairobi, Mike with one of his companions eats dinner in hotel restaurant, then went to Nairobi Star publishing house. Another information's are gathered during talk with miss Smythe-Forbes. Thandoor Sigh attacks again, but this time Mike is seeing him. So both heroes went to attacker house and burn this place to the ground.

31.10.2017 - Day after above events, Mike meets with doctor Starret,  Montogomery and Bumpington. The day is ending with meeting Nelson and obtaining information that Jack "Brass" Brady is still alive! After this, they decide firstly to went in couple of days inland, see the place of massacre of Carlyle Expedition and the Mountain of the Black Wind.

11.11.2017 - Another day starts with breakfast with Croydon, then meeting Kenyatta. From there on it is only  road to village and another meeting, this time with Okum and old Bundari. M'weru is the most interesting topic in whole conversation. Then they go back to Nairobi, to plan another step.

19.11.2017 - After taking with them Kenyatta, Nelson, Okum and Bundari (with gifts from him!), they went to Mountain of the Black Wind, where strange and blasphemous rites are being celebrated. The son of Nyarlathotep is born. Great scene with lots of sanity loss, but Mike shoots M'weru, create a chaos in Nyarlathotep temple, then escapes. This is Pyrrus victory. His last friend is insane and need to be send out to NY, Okum is dead and Kenyatta is shaken. The Black Wind was release on African continent. Journey back to home is long and dangerous...

As always in first days in new place, hero is gathering information, building momentum for the last act. End event is even bigger then under the pyramids, more dangerous, but with help of Bundari, pulp rules and lot of burning luck is doable for one player. Till next time...

sobota, 23 grudnia 2017

Dice Madness!

Breaking up from Masks routine, today we have something special. It`s a presentation of  Q-Workshop`s Metal Cthulhu dices kickstarter campaign. Finally, we received them yesterday, so we decided this time to make unboxing video and take some photos, so everyone could see this amazing stuff. Well, We thing, that Q-workshop done a good job. With no further ado:

Azathoth Dices

Nyarlathotep Dices

Cthulhu Dices

Hastur Dices

And Behold! Call of Cthulhu Metal Dices!

And Our little Unboxing Video!

For Metal dices we need to buy special playmats. 
Because throwing them on table would scratch the surface. Believe us. 
They are shown on video.

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MoN - day (13)

As always spoilers below...

08.10.2017 - Mike takes off from Port Said to Mombasa. He have time to recover his sanity and health during journey. In Mombasa he burns down the Sigh storage room. He knew he is being watched.

15.10.2017 - Mike goes to Nairobi. On the train he is attacked by two Fire Vampires. He sees who is commanding them. So he knew that he will be haunted in Nairobi.

After the events in Cairo, journey by sea is relaxing and nice. Mike restores some sanity, works his swimming skill. Then in Mombasa he is only 24 hours and went to Nairobi. So this part is rather slow burn and it helps in showing change of scenery and mentality in surrounding world. Nice change of pace. Till next time...

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MoN - day (12)

As always spoilers below...

03.10.2017 - End game in Cairo. So firstly Mike meets Janvillen. This side quest is very little and very nice. So there was tension for couple of moments, but even our Hero was under the spell of Bast pristess. Then they went to Dhashur and met Nyarlathotep in his Black Pharaoh avatar. Another questions where raised. But some answers where give to them. Then he went to the other piramid and finds one part of Eye of Light and Darkness! After this event, when another of Mike's friends went insane, he decide to end his stay in Cairo.

For me this is the crown jewel of Masks of Nyarlathotep. Best chapter in whole history. Others are fun too, but this is the best. So after leaving Cairo, nothing will be the same...

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MoN - day (11)

As always spoilers below...

19.09.2017 - Mike is learning from good doctor Ali Cafour one spel. Barier of Naach-Titha. Sanity is lost, Mythos knowledge is gained.

20.09.2017 - Nigel Wassif found Warren Bessart. Durring the meting Bessart talks about his work with Clive Expedition. He wants help with his problems, so Mike give him a chance. One chance.

24.09.2017 - The ritual under the Sphinx. Magick, Molotov Coctails, Thompson, Nitocris and lots of fight. Nigel is with our heroes. He reveal that he is from MI6 and call for help English Expeditons Corps. Big battle under the Pyramids and Sphinx.

This part of Cairo chapter is much more action oriented. For everyone, who was bored with investigation, now is the time to make a diffrence. Of course this is pulp game, so every time Mike and his friends are just inch before death. Atmosphere of alienation beneath Sphinx, brutal fight with lots of cultist and more information for the great picture. Everything is here.
Till next time!

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MoN - day 10

As always spoilers below...

28.08.2017 - So Mike and his two friends end up in Cairo. First they were overwhelm by language barier, but quickly find translator. Of course it was a trap. Nothing that good shoot from Mauser cannot fix. Or maybe two. First contact in the city is Nigel Wassif.

31.08.2017 - Meet up with Nigel and then with Faraz. Many new clues have to be verified and checked. So they got lot to do this time. Thanks to mister Wassif they got new guide. 

03.09.2017 - Another contact with Faraz. This time, they speak little longer. Another trope goes to doctor Ali Kafour. In the museum they finally have some information's about bigger picture of this whole case. Great N in his many aspects. As for Pulp, there is no need to be gentle. Loss of sanity, gaining Cthulhu Mythos skill and couple of questions are finally answered.

17.09.2017 - Another meet up, this time with Omar Shaktii ends in great battle in the desert. Only by means of luck everybody are safe and sound. But this leads to frontal attacks from Cult of Dark Pharaoh. Their hotel rooms are ramshackle, but most of precious things are well hidden.

Yes. Egypt or should I say Cairo chapter is the best in the whole campaign. Of course if we talking about the old edition. But for me and my player this was so far most demanding but satisfying pice of this story. Lots of detective work in the first part, but later there is only action and horror. Love it! Till next time!

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MoN - day (9)

As always spoilers below...

09.08.2017 and 20.08.2017 - Two short sessions. Short but very intense. After Misr House episode, Mike and his two mock friends went after another clue, this time it was Limehouse docks. There they quickly find place, where trucks from Penhew Foundation come and go. As always in pulp, they decide to do a frontal attack. So they just open the doors and faced 5 seamen. Thompson machine gun went on and of. Then... Well they search whole premises and find evidence of big conspiracy. Another, after NY and Misr House and Panhew Foundation. There Mike decided to end theirs stay in London. So they report to Lars Torvak from  Ebon Wind. So they say ferwell to all their friends in England and went to Cairo, but this is another story...

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MoN - day (8)

As always spoilers below...

04.08.2017 - From Blue Piramid, Mike with his mobster friends went to Misr House just in time to be witness of ritual performed near the obelisk. Massive sanity lost, massive battle and of course some friends die in the middle of this epic battle. Then they search the house and find clues with contacts in Cairo, Nairobi, Australia and Shanghai. Mike calls Barrignton for assistance. Once more mobsters and Police is working together in good cause. 
Anormous battle should be at the end of this chapter, as a culmination point. But for our game it worked well just in the middle of London chapter. But it is not an end to Mike's gunplay in England. Till next time...

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MoN - day (7)

As always spoilers below...

23.07.2017. Firstly Mike meets Mahoney. So as everybody in the know knows, there are three clues for players. Mike only intrest in the one important for MoN story. Both two side quests where ignored. Do not know why. Then our hero with two friends meets with Inspector Barrington. In this thrope I've seen another strange friendship in the making. Of course Mike wouldn't be himself if he not search for mob in London. I've create some mobsters for this game and trustworthy taxi driver. After this initial episodes, Pavlowsky went to Penchew Fundations, but meeting with Gavigan went south in true pulp style. So Thompson, cultist and spells have their little window of oportunity. Police with Barington came very quiclky. Fast talk and little spending Luck later, Mike was free and Gavigan behind bars. As for initial session in London, there was many important events. Do not know why Mike ignored two side quests? But as future shows, there is many things to do in London durring Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign...

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MoN - day (6)

As always spoilers below...

After events in New York Mike decided to travel to England as his first step in this long journey. He choose to travel in style on board of one of transatlantic ships. Of course first class. He took with him two of his  friends from mob. Jack and Adam. For them I've just copy stats from Pulp Cthulhu for Mock NPC. For now they were cannon fodder for me, but in time they begin buliding up to form very important NPCs. 
Second thing worth mentioning was reading by Mike Pnakotic Manuscripts. Of course there was more to that, then only reading. Sanity loss was important part of this process and of course accumulating of Cthulhu Mythos points. 
I've decided to use rules for traveling, from the MoN book. Couple of skill have little boost. 
This is it. Next time? London!

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MoN - day (5)

As always spoilers below...

19.07.2017 - Second session in Our MoN campaign. Another part of New York chapter must have meeting with Erica Carlyle. So I've played this in standard way, with new tropes and information's about Carlyle Expedition. But to make things more... Interesting. Her lover - Bradley Grey meet up with Mike. He give him 50K to kill Roger if he is alive. Mr B. is going to mary Erica and nothing is going to stop him before taking control over her vast money and firms. And for that end, I think it will be nice moral dilemma for Mike. Recive another 50K for killing insane Roger or trying to lie to Grey that he actually do that. We will see in the end what happens! Another thing is building friendship between Mike Poole (cop) and Mike Pavlowsky. Policeman have promotion after Ju-Ju House action (he take all the credit for himself!). So as thank you gift for our hero, he gave him Masks of Hayama. So... This is it. Till the next time!

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Mon - day (4)

Day later but here it is...

After all this preparations where over, after initial game of Pulp Cthulhu we started this beautiful (terrifying!) journey. From now on, this entries will be spoiler heavy! So...

16.07.2017 - This was Our first Masks session in witch Jackson Elias invites Mike to his hotel room. After finding that J.E. is dead and fight with the cultist (all end up dead), there is more questions then answers. This is very crucial scene for entire campaign. Finding all this clues cannot be done like from dispenser. So it take us a while. Then first steps in investigation takes place. But Mike is not law abiding citizen, police came very quickly to him. But for the good of investigation, they join forces in this one. From there Mike goes to Emerson Imports, Ju-Ju House. After couple of days observing that place, he takes his men and attacks in the middle of ceremony! Fight erupts. Cultist, Chakota, dynamite (Matt Sanderson style!) and losses of sanity are everywhere. But in the end it all ends well... Maybe let's just say that police force is happy that somebody else does the dirty job for them... 

Till next week...

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MoN - day (3)

After all this preparations behind me, there was only one thing to do. Create a character. My wife roll Mike Pavlowsky, using Pulp Cthulhu character creation rules. She decided that Mike will be Cold Blooded Archetype with two pulp talents: Rapid Fire and Hardened. She choose a gangster profession to make a full picture of him. It was a challenge for me to made up some good starting points for knowing him with Jackson Elias, but nothing is impossible if You want to do something.
For testing Pulp System and feel of the game, I've decided to run Shanghai Bullets. But use AP from RPPR as scenario source. Then we start Masks of Nyarlathotep. But this is another story...

This is link to this splendid AP:

Shanghai Bullets RPPR

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Mon - Day (2)

Today I would like to show You one thing, I've prepare for Our Masks campaign.
It is Eye of light and darkness. I was so sad, that I didn't have sources to back up Delphes Kickstarters:

New York and Kenya Props

London and Kairo Props

But if You do, You are very lucky men!

Back to Our campaign... I know that this particular handout is very iconic (with the matchbox and masks of Hayama). So... I made up my own.
Here it is:

So... Here it is...
Till next... MoN day!

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MoN - day!

In recent post I've started talked about our Mask campaign. This time I want to talk more about prepping and about listening to some very important voices in community. Thanks to this podcast I've become better Keeper...

First and most important:

Good Friends of Jackson Elias!

There is no other podcast like that! Informations from this guys are pure gold!

Dhole House

For handouts and PCs! Very user friendly!

YSDC MoN Maps Thread!

This thread is something that You should check out, especially before new edition!

Oh! And another important handout:

Keepers Decks

Because not everyone have to know what Thompson machine gun looks like or remember what is the range of dynamite! Maybe NPC deck is not so important in this campaign, but others are in constant use!

So this is for today MoN - day!
Thank You!

sobota, 23 września 2017

Mask of Nyarlathotep Prolog

This is first post about our ongoing at this moment game. Let's say it is a prolog to more substantial information we provide later. This post is spoiler free so everyone can read it without fear of losing surprise.

Since July we are playing an epic campaign Mask of Nyarlathotep. We are using first and only Polish edition of this book from 1998.

But we made couple of changes to make it easy and more consistent.
First of all this is only one Player and one Keeper game. Based on many, many reports including actual plays from (We recommend to listen to this wonderful games before running this monster!):

AP of Masks from YSDC


AP of Masks from RPPR

we decide to run it with Pulp Cthulhu rules. To make it more player friendly and haven't to many TPKs.

As for the many handouts included in the book, we bought Mutable Deceptions from Cthulhu Reborn, to use them in creating the newspaper clippings. Strongly recommending this product!


As for keeping track of all the NPC in Masks, for me I've scan and create a little booklet with them. Something I've stole from Keepers Resource Pack for The Two-Headed Serpent. You can look at it under this link:

Two-Headed Serpent

For my one player, I've created this little one page NPC sheets. It is easier to keep track of many, many NPCs encountered during play .

That's it for the first time...

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Two-Headed Serpent

Just recently we received Two-Headed Serpent campaign. If only we wasn't in the middle of MoN affair, we probably jump right in in this globe spanning adventure of Pulp and Wonder!
The book is beautiful and very well written. It is not surprise from authors like Good Friends of Jackson Elias fame. Cannot wait to run this monster one day.
Maybe next year?


niedziela, 20 sierpnia 2017

Silver Doors to Darkness!

Couple of days ago, on Our doorstep land little package. Inside where Chaosium's Doors to Darkness. But now it is Silver Ennie Doors to Darkness! Congratulations gentelmen! Good work! Keep it coming!

niedziela, 13 sierpnia 2017

Shoggoth's box!

After I bought Keepers Decks for Call of Cthulhu RPG, my wife decide to create me something to stash them in. Then she ask me: Would You dare to take them out?

Inspiration comes from: http://www.goominet.com/unspeakable-vault/

wtorek, 11 lipca 2017

Polish Character Sheet/ Polska karta postaci

After talks with Chaosium and after another nice work with Dean from cthulhureborn.wordpress.com/  , at last it is happening!
Polish Pulp Cthulhu Character Sheet!
It is time, to reanimate this blog!
There is no better way!

Po przeprowadzonych rozmowach z Chaosium i kolejnej niezwykle miłej współpracy z Deanem z cthulhureborn.wordpress.com/  , wreszcie stało się!
Polska karta postaci do Pulp Cthulhu!
Czas wreszcie reanimować ten blog!
Nie ma chyba lepszego sposobu!

czwartek, 2 lutego 2017

Pulp Cthulhu!

At last! After 17 years of waiting Pulp Cthulhu land in our tentacles! Can wait to dive in this book! If I remember correctly I ask questions about that particular book on yog-sothoth.com nearly twelve years ago. So we wait long, we wait patiently, but now is time to pulpify our Cthulhu experience! 
When will be Two Headed Serpent available? Because the four scenarios in main book wont last for long... 
Last but not least! Big thanks for everyone who make it happened! 

This was what I was waiting for all these years:

Ant this is what I receive: