sobota, 12 września 2020

RPG Update (10)

 It is almost a month and a half since I wrote something here. During that time I spend three weeks renovating my new flat, then I stared new work and my child started her first class. It was a tumultuous time. With not so much free time for me. But I've managed to squeeze some time for RPGs.

Achtung! Cthulhu continued with one session, during that game they move from the resistance base to the forest where they look for Father Andrzej. Cannot wait for the next time we will play, maybe next week. There is a chance for a big finale. 

My Horror on the Orient Express campaign started nicely. I'm shocked by the pace of this game. Players are so good and foresight that the manage to move in extra pace from London to Paris and now they are leaving Paris. They manage to not delve in any additional stuff but they run straight to the most important events. It is pleasure to run this game. On the blog front, I will start Our page in the second half of this month.

I've got a chance to run two additional adventures for two different players. Two scenarios from John Hooks extras from the last Age of Cthulhu Kickstarter. They are superb scenarios.

After I wrote this up I thinking that it wasn't so bad after all. But back to normalcy is even better.

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