czwartek, 18 czerwca 2020

RPG Update (5)

I cannot tell when all this time went. Almost two weeks since my last post! Strange. where did this time go? Not all this time was lost. We played in four sessions. Two last week and two yesterday and day before that. What we played in? Delta Green.
First, my wife runs adventure in Montana with hotel in middle of nowhere and group of archeologists. They stumbled on something they shouldn't. The enemy was something a long time buried and recently discovered. And the sound that it created... This scary sounds...
Then I run for one player on the first session Lost Equation. This all-time favorite is solid and fun. I've run it in the mindset of police procedural, so it was a slow-burner.
Another session run by my wife was a little gem of adventure circling around Jackson Pollock painting:
Number 1A

It nearly crippled three agents, burn down motel, and end in a shootout, but it was very fun.
Lastly, I continued Last Equation but this time another agent join the Opera. I cannot wait for what will happen next week!

P.S. I'm still creating handouts for Heroes of Rura-Tonga, but it comes very slowly. I hope it will be worth the work and wait.

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